How Telemedicine Can Help You Manage Bipolar Disorder

Nov 02, 2023
How Telemedicine Can Help You Manage Bipolar Disorder
Managing bipolar disorder requires consistent mental health care and attention. Telemedicine support can help you get the care you need to stay balanced and healthy. Read to learn more.

Living a balanced, healthy life with bipolar disorder takes much care and attention. Bipolar disorder involves both highs and lows, known as manic and depressive stages. 

Neither the highs nor the lows of bipolar disorder represent mental health. And your condition means that you’re likely to cycle between these extremes without a break to catch your balance.

While bipolar disorder can’t be cured, this condition can be managed. But you always need a team of experts available for your mental health support. At VIP Integrative Healthcare, LLC, Martine Senatus, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC provides ongoing care for new and existing patients with bipolar disorder.

You can receive treatment at VIP Integrative Healthcare’s West Palm Beach, Florida location. And you may also benefit from ongoing mental health support via telemedicine. With telemedicine, you can access your provider from wherever you are, keeping your life as simple as possible and making it easy for you to maintain consistent treatment.

Cycling moods: challenges of managing bipolar disorder

Your bipolar disorder likely falls into one of several types. If you have Bipolar 1, manic phases when you’re optimistic and energetic alternate with periods of deep depression, when you may lose all energy or even become suicidal. In Bipolar 2, manic periods are still present but less intense.

No matter what type of mood cycle you’re dealing with, managing your mental health and keeping a stable life through these types of swings takes care and attention. And you and your care team must be prepared to switch management strategies when cycling from mania to depression occurs.

Successfully managing bipolar disorder requires multiple strategies and a high degree of responsiveness to the ups and downs of life with this type of mental health condition. Your treatment plan at VIP Integrative Healthcare may include talk therapy support and medication management to balance your brain chemistry.

Telemedicine management for bipolar disorder

People living with bipolar disorder benefit from using telemedicine for at least part of mental health care. Since bipolar is a lifelong disorder that requires careful ongoing management, it’s important to have reliable, accessible mental health care providers that you know and trust.

Telemedicine management for your bipolar disorder lets you access mental health care with fewer barriers. That means that if you need specialized support right away, you’re more likely to be able to get the care you need.

Many people find telemedicine care for mental health issues less stressful, allowing you to stay grounded in your own space during appointments or seek care from wherever you are. Your personal information remains safely protected by our telemedicine system’s security precautions.

The benefits of telemedicine treatment

Telemedicine treatment lets you receive high-quality care on a more flexible basis. Instead of making arrangements to keep an in-office appointment with your provider at VIP Integrative Healthcare, LLC, you can use your own devices to connect remotely at your convenience.

You’re able to communicate in real-time with your provider. You can send and receive videos and images. Your provider can even send electronic prescriptions for your medications to a pharmacy of your choice.

In order to schedule a telemedicine appointment at VIP Integrative Healthcare, just use our online scheduling tool to pick a time that’s good for you or call our office for scheduling support.